May 26, 2015

Isn’t She Lovely | London Family Photographer

Isn’t She Lovely | London Family Photographer

If you are lucky enough to have good friends, you are lucky enough.  I heard that somewhere at some time and it made me think of how blessed I am in this life to have some wonderful, amazing, true lifelong friends.  The ones that were there for you through it all and will be there  with you until the end.   The ones who are part of some of your happiest memories and the ones who were there to pull you out of the darkness during your saddest times.  Leigh is absolutely one of those friends.  We always pick right back where we have left off, no matter the time that has passed between visits.   So Leigh, thank you so much for coming up to London and spending the day with Miss C and I, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek of our little mini session…..


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